Well why don’t I get started. I’m translating from Tales From Herodotus. It amounts to beginner’s Greek, and I am pleased to find that it’s pretty easy going for the most part. I am trying to stick to fairly literal translations, even if the resulting phrasing is a little awkward.  Here and there I might [insert] a word to make the meaning clear.

I. How games were invented by the Lydians to relieve their distress in times of famine.

The Lydians say that games, both those played by the Greek and by themselves, were their own invention, telling of them the following. In the time of Atys, son of Manes the king, there happened a severe famine throughout all Lydia, and for a while the Lydians endured patiently, but as it did not cease they sought remedies, one man after another devising [cures].  And so it was then discovered, [games] of 6-sided dice, of 4-sided dice, of balls and every other kind of game except those of gaming stones; for the Lydians do not claim the discovery of these. And having discovered games, they did the following to stave off the hunger. They played games every other day so that they did not seek food and they ate the next day, once they ended the games. In this way they got through twenty-two difficult years.

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