Thus ends Tales From Herodotus

The previous post marked the last of the stories from Farnell & Goff’s heavily abridged Tales From Herodotus. Although it is quite short, I’m nevertheless pleased that I got all the way through it. And the timing is good—classes start in a week. In between then and now, I have a few Latin passages that I received from the McMaster Museum of Art to translate, so those will be going up. And I had been considering finishing off the Herodotus portion of this blog with a translation from a more complete Herodotus, so that will go up, too, time permitting. After that, it’s up in the air. My studies, μέν1, will involve a good deal of translation, so I may continue to post translations here as I work through them. They may, δέ, be so time-consuming that posting them as I go won’t be feasible. We shall see.

1. μέν … δέ, a very common set of Greek particles used to pair off two related statements. Sometimes translated as, “on the one hand … and on the other”, but commonly elided altogether.

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