Livy & Thucydides

Greek and Latin classes have begun and the works to be translated have been revealed.

A bust of ThucydidesIn Greek we will be translating Books 2 and 6 of Thucydides’ History. This is a history of the Peloponnesian War, in which Thucydides was an Athenian general. He did not exactly acquit himself well in the war. He lost a crucial city and he was exiled from Athens as a result. He wrote his memoir, so to speak, during his exile. So it is, on the one hand, an account from someone who personally remembers the events of the war. On the other hand, he is hardly an impartial observer. Book 2 includes a funeral oration. It is the shorter of the two, but I have been told that the Greek is quite difficult. We will be relying on the Bryn Mawr commentary to aid with the translations.

a drawing of a bust of LivyIn Latin, we will be translating selections from Book 1 of Chronicles From the City Founding of Livius Titus, more popularly known as Livy’s History of Rome. Book 1 covers the founding of Rome and its history prior to the transition to the Republic. Its focus is on events centuries prior to Livy’s life, so he relies a great deal on legends and myths. I’ve done the first couple of chapters (they will be put up in a moment, and so far it’s all right. Not as fun as Herodotus, but then who is? We’ll be using the H.E. Gould commentary to help us along.

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