Tobias mandat furtiuum reddere caprum, Uxoris sentit tristia probra suae. Tob. .2.

Gerard de Jode (Netherlandish 1509/17-1591)
After Maarten De Vos (Dutch 1532–1603)

Tobit Accusing Anna of Stealing the Kid, c. 1582-1585
Gift of Herman Levy, Esq., O.B.E., 1984
McMaster Museum of Art
(Photo credit: John Tamblyn)


And here we have the last of the present batch of work from the McMaster Museum of Art.

Tobit mandates the return of a stolen goat, he senses the sad, disgraceful deeds of his wife.

This depicts Tobit 2: 13-14. Tobit is wrong about his wife and the goat. The image shows us that she earned the goat by working at a loom. The Biblical story tells us only that she did “women’s work” and that it involved a product which she sent to her clients. She reprimands him sharply for his mistrust.

Tobit is a fun book. It’s a part of the Apocrypha and quite fanciful in places. It also has some humour, which you don’t find too much of in the Bible.

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