Thucydides’ History, Book 6

Going back over my posts, I realized that I missed posting this segment. Here it is now, out of order.

Chapter 5

And Himera was founded from Zangkle, by Eukleidos and Simos and Sakon, and of those who went to the distant colony, and colonised jointly with those men, most were Chalkidans, but there were also fugitives from Syracuse defeated by factions there, and they were called the Myletidai ; and speech mingled in the midst of the Chalkidans and the Dorians, but the Chalkidan institutions dominated. Akrai and Kasmenai were founded by the Syracusians, Akrai in the seventieth year after Syracuse, and Kasmenai almost twenty years after Akrai. And Kamarina was first founded by Syracusians, almost exactly five and thirty and a hundred years after the settling of Syracuse ; and Daskon and Menekolos were made the oikists of it. And when the Kamarinaians were driven out in war by the Syracusians due to revolt, Hippocrates, tyrant of Gela, as ransoms for the Syracusian men taken at spearpoint, took the land of Kamarina, resettled Kamarina, and made himself its oikist. And they were driven out again by Gelon, it was re-colonised for the third time by Gelaneans.

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