Chronicles From the City Founding of Livius Titus, Book I

Chapter 42

Tullius secures his power by matrimonial, military, and political measures.

And Servius did not secure his power by public plans any more than by private, and so that, in the way that the minds of the children of Ancus had turned against Tarquinius, those of the children of Tarquinius would not as such be turned against him, he joined his two daughters to the royal youths, Lucius and Arruntis Tarquinius ; he did not, however, break the inevitable course of fate for human plans, but that envy for the throne made all things faithless and hostile, even amongst members of a household. Very opportunely, against the quiet of the present state, war with the Veii—for the truce had already expired—and with other Etruscans was taken up. In that war both virtue and fortune shone forth in Tullius ; having routed a large army of enemies, he returned to Rome the king without a doubt, whether he made trial of the hearts of the fathers or of the plebs. Thenceforth he advances to the greatest work of peace by far, such that, in the way that Numa had been the author of the divine laws, thus that Servius was the founder of all orders and distinctions of the state, by which one might shine through between the degrees of rank and fortune, posterity might bear witness. For he instituted a census, the most salubrious measure for an empire about to be so great, from which the offices of war and peace were done not individually, as prior, but according to possession of wealth ; he then divided the classes, centuries, and this order according to the census, sutiable both for war or for peace.

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