Thucydides’ History, Book 6

Chapter 40

But surely, whether having learned better or having changed your mind, increase the common concern to everyone of the city, believing in this way that the good among you have an equal or better share share [the very thing the majority of the city do], and that if you wish it otherwise, you risk deprivation of the whole ; and these announcements, since they are for those who perceive this and do not yield, leave off from them. For the city here, even if the Athenians do come, will mount a defence against them worthy of her, and we have generals who will investigate these things ; and if indeed there is not any truth in these things—just as I believe there is not—she will not, as according to your announcements, by panicking and taking you as her leaders, cast herself into slavery of her own volition, but herself by herself, having investigated the arguments from you as if they have the power of deeds will judge them, and the present freedom will not be stripped away on the basis of hearsay, and from this in the deed, by taking precautions and not yielding, will attempt to preserve it.

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