Ship of Fools II

De iracundia ex levi causa
Assiduis flagris tardu(m) qui pungit asellum
S(a)epius ad longas corruit auriculas.
Ira brevis furor est. nil indignatio prodest
Sincer(a)e mentis est inimica minax

Irasci sine causa
Vince iras a(n)i(ma)mq(ue) tuum qui cetera vincas: Impedit ira animu(m) ne possit cernere veru(m). Iratus nil nisi crimi(ni)s loquit(ur). Debet homo lentu(m) vehemens equitare iumentum.

Hic fatuus semper pigrum conscendit asellum :
Turbida quem motu concitat ira gravi.
Latrat (et) exclamat circu(m) se more canino :
Nec verbu(m) placidu(m) torvus ab ore vomit.

xxxii (us)q(uam) vii.
quid in noib9
Ad. Roma(nos). ii
Hiere(miae). xxix.

Concerning a bad temper for trivial reasons.
He who stings his tardy ass with unremitting lashes
more often falls down to its long ears.
Rage is a brief madness. Indignation has no benefit
The looming threat is the enemy of the sincere mind.

To be enraged without reason.
Conquer your angers and your mind you who would conquer all the rest: Anger hinders the mind such that it cannot discern the truth. The angry man speaks of nothing except accusations. The short-tempered man must practise riding the stubborn beast.

This fool always mounts the reluctant ass :
From a confusion which, by his impulse, he goads to serious anger.
He barks and cries all around himself like some dog :
The savage does not spit a calm word from his mouth.

quid in noib9
Wisdom 13
Romans 2
Jeremiah 29

I’m afraid I don’t know what to make of quid in noib9. Someone suggested quid in nominibus but that doesn’t really clear it up very much.

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