Ship of Fools III

Fatuor(um) damno sapie(n)tes nos fieri co(n)venit
Stultor(um) lapsum miserum subitamq(ue) ruinam
Qui videt astutus nec sibi deinde cavet
Est stultus: c(a)eco nec recto tramite pergens:
Et fatui barbam mulcet ubiq(ue) manu.

Alienis p(er)icul(is) fieri sapie(n)te(m).
Atte(n)de in illis ne forte cadas F(a)elix quem faciu(n)t aliena p(er)icula cautu(m). Casus dementis correctio sit sapie(n)tis. Via impior(um) tenebrosa nesciu(n)t ubi corruant.

Cernimus assiduos casus lapsusq(ue) frequentes
Stultorum: & risus cernimus inde graves.
Ridentur passim fatui: luduntur in omni
Tempore: ni(hi)l sapiu(n)t: ni(hi)l quoq(ue) scire volu(n)t. g. ii

p(ro)ver(bia) 4.&.15
Ioh(annes) xvii.

It is agreed that we become wise by the injury of fools
The pitiable slipping and downfall suffered by the foolish
The shrewd man who sees and does not thereafter secure himself
He is a fool: traversing in blindness and not by the upright path:
And he strokes the beard of a fool with his hand, wherever he is.

To become wise by the trials of others.
Attend to this so that you may not fall, brave Faelix, whom the trials of others makes cautious. Let the fall of the demented man be the correction of the wise. On the shadowy path of the impious, they do not know where they might fall.

We discern the constant falls and frequent slips
of fools: and we discern laughter from the serious.
Fools everywhere are laughed at: they are made sport in all
times: they make sense of nothing: and they are determined to know nothing. g.ii.

Proverbs 4 & 15
John 17

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