Ship of Fools IV

(Re)cusatio Jacobilocher Philomusi

Derisio boni op(er)is
Ambulans recto itinere (et) timens deu(m) despicit(ur) ab eo qui infami graditur via. Querit derisor sapientia(m) (et) no(n) invenit(ur) doctrina prudentiu(m) facilis. Qui deridetur: invocabit deu(m) (et) exaudiet eu(m): deridetur eni(m) iusti simplicitas

Vertimus naves fatuas latinis
Versibus: plectro siquidem strepenti:
Cudimus normas modo per benignas
Plaudite mus(a)e.

p(ro)ver(bia) xiiii.
(et) xix.
Iob xii.

The protest of Jacob Locher Philomus

The mockery of good work
He walking the upright path and fearing god is disparaged by him who advances along the disreputable way. The scoffer seeks wisdom and the teaching of sensible men is not easily found. He who is mocked: he appealed to god and he will hear him clearly: for the candor of the just man is mocked

We turn back foolish ships with Latin
verses: if only with a rustling quill:
We tap out the rules in this way through the kindnesses
Give your applause to the muse

Proverbs 14
and 19.
Job 12.
Psalms 36.

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3 Responses to Ship of Fools IV

  1. theo janssen says:

    (Re)cusatio > Excusatio
    The protest of Jacob Locher Philomus > The apology of Jacob Locher Philomusus

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