virtutem coluisse iuvat nam vincere virtutas vim solet, et plures nobilitare viros.

90.8.30Another batch from the McMaster Museum of Art came a little while ago, and Christmas holidays gives me a little time to work on them.

This first image has both Latin and German. I’ll supply the original text with my expansions and corrections, then the translations.

virtutem coluisse (iuv)at nam vincere virt(utas) vim solet, et plures nobilitare viros.

die Feder klug durch scharf Verstand wir(d) m(ach)en star(k)en bild im sand.

“It helps to have cultivated virtue, for virtue is accustomed to conquer strength, and to ennoble most men.”

“The clever pen through a sharp mind will make a strong image in the sand.”

I’m less happy about the German translation than the Latin. If anyone has an argument about why wirst mägen starcken is better than wird machen starken, I’m happy to hear it!

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