Hekaba 629-656

For me calamity must,
for me misery must be,
when first the wood of Mt. Ida,
the pine-wood did Alexandros
cut down, to ferry upon the swell of the sea
for the bed of Helena, the
most beautiful that gold-shining
Helios illuminates.

For toils and from toils
greater compulsions encompassed
the common from individual folly,
evil to Simountan land,
and destructive calamity came from others.
Strife was decided, which on Mount
Ida the threefold children of the blessed ones
the shepherd man did judge,
resulting in spears and bloodshed and the dishonour of my halls;
and weeps too somewhere by the fair-flowing Eurotas, some
many-teared Lakainan maiden in her home,
and a mother upon her grey-haired head
for the deaths of her children
she sets her hands, she tears her cheek,
her claws made bloody by tearing.

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