Hekaba 905-952

And you, oh Ilios of my father,
shall no longer be counted a city of the unravaged;
a swarm of Hellenes of the sort around hide you
with spear, indeed with spears they ravaged you.
From the crown of your towers
you have been cut down, beneath fiery smoke
a most pitiable blemish, you have been
defiled, woe is me,
I shall no longer haunt you.

At midnight they destroyed you,
when after a feast sweet sleep over eyes
is scattered, and after the song of the chorus leaders,
and having performed sacrifice,
my husbands was laid in my chambers,
his lance on its peg,
no longer gazing on the sea-going
horde that had of Troian
Ilios encamped.

And I, my locks in their binding
hood, I was arranging,
gazing into the countless rays
of golden mirrors,
in bed-clothes that I might soon fall to bed.
A clamour rose up from the city;
and was through the street and town of
Troia thus: Oh
children of Hellenes, ever will you ever,
once the watchtower of Ilios
you have ravaged, will you arrive home?

My beloved marriage-bed, wearing only a tunic,
I left behind, like a Dorian maiden,
going to the altar of revered
Artemis the steadfast, gaining naught thereby;
I am led, I see my bed-fellow dead,
to the ocean, the open sea,
looking back to my city, since
a journey home
ships had set in motion, and my feet from my land,
from Ilios, they had divided;
woe is me, in grief I fainted,

on Helena, sister to the Dioskouroi,
and on him of Mt. Ida, the shepherd,
ill-starred Paris, curses
I did lay, for from the land
of my forefathers has banished me,
and a marriage of houses has utterly destroyed me, not a marriage, but
some misery of an avenging spirit;
for whom I wish the wide open sea would never again return home,
would that she never reach the house of her forefathers.

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