A map and book title from the McMaster Art Museum

This map came from the McMaster Art Museum today for translation:


It came along with the title of a rare book:

“Militaris Ordinis Johannitarum, Rhodiorum, Aut Melitensium Equitum Rerum Memorabilium Terra Marique, A Sexcentis fere annis pro republica Christiana, in Asia, Africa, & Europa contra Barbaros, Saracenos, Arabes & Turcas fortiter gestarum, ad praesentem usque 1581 annum, Historia Nova : libris duodecim comprehensa, omnibus Christianis lectu iucundissima / In Honorem Strenuissimi Ordinis, Nunc Primum summa diligentia conscripta, & in lucem aedita.” Henricus Pantaleon, 1581

The title translates as:

“A new history of the worthy affairs of of the military order of the Johannite, the Rhodian, or the Maltese knights on land and sea, of (their) deeds fully from six hundred years before the Christian commonwealth, in Asia, Africa, & Europe against the barbarians, Saracens, Arabs, & Turks, up to the present year 1581: bound in twelve books, for a most pleasant reading by all Christians / For the honour of the most energetic order, now first written, with highest diligence, and housed in the light.” Henry Pantaleon, 1581.

The map is a plate from the book. While the title of the book is clearly in Latin, the map appears to be German. Most of the names are quite obvious. In a clockwise spiral, starting at the top, they are:

Meiland = Mailand = Milan
Venedig = Venice
Mindñ = Mindnon? = ???
Boßen = Bossena = Bosnia
Dalmatia =Dalmatia
Sicilia = Sicily
Sardinia = Sardinia
Corfica = Corsica
Genua = Genoa
Italia = Italy
Rom = Rome
Neapels = Naples

Mindñ has me stumped. In a stretch it might be Montenegro, but it is really in the wrong place on the map for that.

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3 Responses to A map and book title from the McMaster Art Museum

  1. Tom says:

    Is it possible that Mindñ is in fact Windñ? The initial capital doesn’t seem to match the M on Meiland. If it is Windñ then I’d suggest it’s probably supposed to be Vienna.

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