Chronicles From the City Founding of Livius Titus, Book I

Chapter 6

Numitor is restored to his throne and Romulus and Remus decide to found a new city.

Amidst the initial tumult, Numitor insisted that enemies had invaded the city and had fallen upon the palace, and he had called away the manpower of Alba to hold the fortress for defense and arms, but as soon as he saw that the youths, once they had perpetrated the killing, proceeded to congratulate him, he called for a council straightaway and exposed his brother’s crimes against him, the origin of his grandsons, how they were born, how they were raised, how they were recognized, and that the subsequent killing of the tyrant followed his command. The youths proceeded through the middle of the gathering in a troop, and once they had hailed their grandfather as king, a united voice from the whole multitude followed and brought to pass the acknowledged title and authority of the king.

Thus, with the Alban state yielded to Numitor, a desire seized Romulus and Remus to found a city at that place where they had been exposed and where they had been raised. There was an abundant multidude of Albans and Latins ; and to it were added shepherds, who all easily gave rise to hope that Alba and Lavinium would become small before that city which was founded. But then an ancestral misfortune interrupted these deliberations, a desire for the throne, and from that a foul strife arose from a gentle enough beginning. Seeing that they were twins, it was not possible, by respect for age, to make any distinction between them, and so that those gods, under whose keeping those places were, could choose by auguries who would give his name to the new city, who would rule the founded city by his authority, they took quarters of the sky for auguring by the flight of birds, Romulus those of the Palatine, and Remus of the Aventine.

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